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Benefits of Membership

Professional Development

  • Annual conference in October featuring the presentation of successful programs and nationally known speakers.
  • Regional workshops on timely topics with registration discounts for NAPSA members.
  • NAPSA Notes, published several times a year, presenting in-depth analysis of current issues.
  • Advocacy and Leadership for Youth and the Student Services Profession
  • Representation at the national level via NAPSA’s membership on the Educational Leaders Consortium and the National Alliance of Pupil Services Organizations.
  • Influence important legislative and regulatory procesesses through NAPSA’s Washington D.C. Legislative Liaison.
  • Updates on legal issues impacting student services
  • Information on regional and national professional development opportunities
  • Access to research based best practices across pupil services disciplines
  • Access to “members only” website information
  • The NAPSA News, a quarterly newsletter, featuring the latest developments with the association and news from the profession.
  • NAPSA Membership Directory of all NAPSA members, allowing easy access to hundreds of colleagues.

NAPSA is a longtime member in good standing of the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE); a consortium of professional educational associations dedicated to offering the most advantageous insurance coverages to its many members. Forest T. Jones Co. (FTJ) of Kansas City, Missouri is the administrator for this program. To access and review your insurance opportunities, please click on the following web address, designed especially for members of NAPSA:


Membership in the Association is open to:

  • School district administrative personnel who are officially designed as having district-wide (or, in large school systems: sub district-wide, region-wide, or level-wide) administrative responsibility and provide professional leadership for staff in one or more areas of pupil services as listed; and/or
  • Professional personnel of universities, county, state, regional or federal departments of education who are officially designated as having administrative responsibility and/or provide professional leadership in the development of programs of pupil services, or the professional preparation of pupil services staff and administrators; or
  • Persons who fail to meet the above requirements but in the opinion of the membership chairperson merit special consideration for membership to the mutual benefit of both the association and the applicant

Student Membership

Student membership is open to professional educators or educators-in-training whose interests are compatible with the purposes of the Association.
Pupil Services shall be considered to consist of the following functions:
  • Attendance Services
  • Guidance & Counseling Services
  • Health Services
  • Psychological Services
  • Services for Exceptional Children
  • Social Work Services
  • Speech and Hearing Services
  • School Safety
  • Other special Support Programs for Students ( e.g., Substance Abuse, Crisis Teams, Truancy Prevention, etc.)
Institutional Membership

School districts, universities and county, state, regional or federal departments of education may enroll up to five (5) members through each Institutional Membership.  Each member so enrolled must individually meet the qualifications described in Section Regular Membership.  Members shall have all the privileges as pertain to Regular Members.

Associate Members

Associate members, as defined below, shall pay 75% of the dues of regular members, are not  eligible to hold elective office, and are not eligible to vote on Association business:
  • Former members in good standing who have accepted new positions which do not meet the Regular Membership criteria but want to remain in pupil services and the activities of NAPSA.
  • Representatives designated as having  administrative responsibilities in organizations, agencies, or institutions whose professional  goals and purposes are highly compatible with those of NAPSA.