Welcome to the National Association of Pupil Services Administrators (NAPSA) website. NAPSA is the only national organization that focuses its efforts on the development of administrators and programs designed to serve the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students.

NAPSA is a national association of administrators with titles that include pupil services, student services, pupil personnel services, and other similar terms. NAPSA is committed to the cultivation of leadership, advocacy, and professional development in the field of pupil services.

The job of today’s pupil services administrator requires a broad knowledge of many fields within student services including, but not limited to, special education, psychology, social work and counseling. In fact, NAPSA members may oversee many additional areas as they perform the duties assigned them by the school entities in which they are employed. Ultimately, since students need to be physically and emotionally healthy to achieve optimal academic growth, pupil services administrators must have the ability to effectively integrate student support services within a school entity’s instructional program.

Most education organizations are discipline-specific in their approach to professional development, service delivery, and advocacy. In contrast, NAPSA members enjoy the unique benefit of being part of a progressive and nationally recognized organization that supports and advocates for the means to implement a well-integrated and multidisciplinary configuration of student support services on a local, state, and national level.

NAPSA is continually looking to refine and improve our member services. We want our membership experience to be as positive and beneficial as possible. Please click here to complete a brief survey to provide both positive and constructive feedback.

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