Why join NAPSA?

A nationwide network of pupil services professionals at your disposal

NAPSA provides members with a network of fellow professionals who assist one another with the tasks of daily work in the field of pupil/student services. NAPSA members enjoy the unique benefit of being part of a progressive national organization advocating and promoting the implementation of integrated, multidisciplinary student support services. The NAPSA email network enables members to share information and/or seek assistance with others who walk in their professional shoes. Likewise, the NAPSA membership directory provides access to hundreds of colleagues within their own state, region, or across the country. 

Resources! Resources! Resources!

NAPSA members receive the NAPSA TidBits, a members-only monthly publication presenting current issues in the field, news items, and employment opportunities; a mid-month update focused on salient issues in the field and breaking news items; and the NAPSA News, a quarterly newsletter featuring the latest developments in the association, news from the world of pupil/student services, and research-based articles. Members also receive numerous opportunities for free professional development events, as well as resources and materials provided by NAPSA and its partners/sponsors. NAPSA also offers webinars, conferences, and other opportunities for research-based best practices across pupil/student service disciplines. Members can also gain access to articles, tools, and other resources in the “Members Only” section of the NAPSA website. 

Professional development opportunities

NAPSA offers outstanding professional development opportunities, including an annual national conference that is just the right size to allow attendees maximal access to offerings and not get lost in the shuffle of a huge conference. This allows attendees to benefit from the unique opportunity to collaborate on a personal level with some of the most influential educators in the country. NAPSA also provides webinars featuring experts in the field addressing important issues as they arise. 

A strong national affiliate is important, especially now!

The NAPSA legislative agenda is shaped by recommendations, best professional practices and policies, and current research to effectively address federal and state requirements that impact administration of pupil/student services. The NAPSA legislative Committee reviews, analyzes, and adopts a position of legislative proposals or issues for forming disposition to become a unifying voice in advocacy regarding the effective delivery of pupil/student services. The NAPSA Legislative and Public Policy Advisor articulates the views of NAPSA to legislators and other influential persons and organizations both personally and as members of the National Alliance of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (NASISP). The purpose of such actions is to help ensure the delivery of quality educational opportunities and services to all students and to implement and improve interactive and cross-stakeholder activities at the federal, state, and local levels. Further, NAPSA continues to sign on to letters of support and other communiques sent to USDE, legislators and other elected officials, judicial entities, and other applicable agencies. NAPSA has also developed partnerships with other professional organizations and institutions with similar missions such as National Association of School Nurses (NASN), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools and Student Learning/Support in efforts to address the nation’s mental health crisis among youth, issues of inequity, public health crises, and in opposition to cuts to programs such as IDEA and other  federally sponsored school programs as a result of government sequestration. 

Membership includes free insurance and other great opportunities

In addition to a free $1 Million professional liability insurance and job protection policy for members currently in service, NAPSA provides two free years of term life insurance worth $40,000. NAPSA also provides members the opportunity to buy life, health, long-term care, and auto insurance at discounted group rates.