Members of NAPSA comprise a wide variety. For example, NAPSA members include school superintendents, central office and district-wide administrators, building administrators, program coordinators, direct deliverers of pupil services, governmental or agency officials, attorneys, and resource providers.

NAPSA members are typically responsible for overseeing the administration of pupil services programs. Such programs include, but are not limited to, such areas as: guidance and counseling, psychological services, special education, 504 services, social work, health services, related services (e.g., speech & language; hearing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.), safe and drug free schools, truancy and attendance, English Language Learners education, early childhood education, student discipline, student records, and other special support programs for students (e.g., substance abuse, crisis teams, etc.).

However, membership in NAPSA is also available to those with an interest in pupil services, including students, retirees, or other interested parties.