Most States have Medicaid plans in place that allow for Medicaid to reimburse for health services provided to students with disabilities under IDEA. However, only 16 States have plans that allow for the reimbursement of services to Medicaid-eligible students beyond just those who receive services under the IDEA. This difference is significant: Having a State plan explicitly allow reimbursement for services to all Medicaid-enrolled students could enable thousands of additional students to gain access to crucial health services and ensure that your State has access to all available funds to support them. These federal dollars can directly address student needs, boost student achievement, and help improve life outcomes.

To help those looking to expand Medicaid reimbursements for all Medicaid enrolled students, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has disseminated a document titled Medicaid Funding for School-based Services. In the document is a section titled Step-by-Step: Using Medicaid Funds to Deliver Health Services to All Eligible Students. See what can be done to secure more funds for your schools.

To access the CMS document, click here.