Kathy Setlock
Kathy Setlock

Employer: Palmyra Area School District, Lebanon County, PA

Title: Director of Pupil Services

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

I most enjoy the everyday positives that come from the support and guidance the pupil services team provides to students and families. Over the last 33 years, I’ve seen the increasing challenges students and families face. The pupil services team is a much more vital part of the school team and when everyone works together, we’re able to see students thrive and grow. As we say in the district, #IGetToWorkHere!

What is the greatest benefit of being a NAPSA member?

NAPSA is one-stop shopping! The responsibilities of a Director of Pupil Services continue to grow. Often, we’re looked at for guidance and expertise in the many areas that fall under the large umbrella of pupil services. NAPSA provides resources and support in all the key areas, whether that be through webinars, newsletters, conferences, and/or connections with colleagues. It’s also good to know that NAPSA provides a voice for us at the federal level.