The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has partnered with Mappedin to develop a suite of new AI-powered tools aimed at automating the mapping process. Such tools include Mappedin Response, a cloud-based capability that enables first responders to review and analyze indoor floor plans in real-time while responding to emergencies. In addition, Mappedin says its new tool, Mappedin Maker, will bridge the gap by providing access to an interactive 3D wayfinding map as well as a facility for multi-format exports

According to K-12 Dive, users can upload a floor plan of their venue or use the Maker App for iOS to create a map, which Mappedin Maker converts into a digital map. This map can be posted on websites for wayfinding or downloaded as a PDF for offline use, Mappedin says.

Mappedin Maker is widely available for free to users.

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