NAPSA has signed on to a letter of support for a bill sponsored by Representatives Mike Levin (D-CA) and Tom Cole (R-OK). The Advancing Toward Impact Aid Full Funding Act aims to fully fund Impact Aid and support national K-12 education.

Impact Aid supports more than 1,100 school districts and over 10 million students. Despite national dependency, Congress has not fully funded Impact Aid since 1969. Funding Impact Aid directly impacts schools. Federal payments benefit school districts and are flexible to student needs. This bill would provide necessary funding for disadvantaged schools.

The Advancing Toward Impact Aid Full Funding Act introduces a five-year plan to fund Impact Aid and would do the following:

  • Increase Impact Aid funding over five years, across four main categories for funding: Basic Support, Federal Property, Children with Disabilities, and Construction.
  • Increase Basic Support funding by approximately 164 million annually to reach the projected FY2029 full funding amount.
  • Increase Federal Property funding by allocating an additional $12 million annually.
  • Increase funding for Children with Disabilities by $12 million annually
  • Increase construction funding to reach $45 million in fiscal year 2029, to bring funding back in line with fiscal year 2004-2005 appropriations.
  • Advance national K-12 school systems to become more equitable and meet educational needs.
  • Support military families and Native American communities that are especially impacted by federally tax-exempt land.