NAPSA’s Vision Statement avers that: “All students will be provided appropriate supports, services and programs to overcome their barriers to learning.” In light of the recent events in Minneapolis, Georgia, throughout our country, and around the world, NAPSA expresses our support to fight injustice, violence, and systemic racism, which are barriers to learning and living. 

As educators, our most precious commodity is our children, who come to us in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and religions. We take them as they are, love them, feed them, care for them, and educate them. 

Sadly, racism has a longstanding history in the United States and a systemic and pervasive foothold in many societal institutions, including criminal justice, healthcare, and education. Episodes of violence and trauma in young people’s communities, especially those that arise from a place of systemic inequality, prejudice, and racism, negatively impact young people’s lives in a variety of ways. As educators, we are uniquely positioned to help young people process these experiences by providing a space to express their emotions, ask for help, and channel uncertain feelings into positive, constructive action.

As educators, our support as allies to young people trying to make sense of their feelings is critical. In the aftermath of tragic incidents of racial profiling and violence resulting from police actions, and the words and actions of those in positions of authority who may be perceived as uncaring, dismissive, and/or threatening, many young people may feel unsafe, angry, confused, frustrated, sad, and powerless.

NAPSA is committed to creating a world where everyone can live a life free of injustice and inequality, and we must demonstrate that commitment through our thoughts and actions. We know we will be successful in making our vision a reality only when we effectively confront and address these inequities and, as pupil services administrators, play a vital role in this indispensable endeavor.

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